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Our factory (company) is a specialized Hi-tech enterprise,which manufactures all kinds of CNC lathes and universal lathes. It has a total assets of about 5 hundred million Yuan and a number of over 1700 employees including over 400 technicians. Main products are flexible turning cells, turning centers, machining centers, CNC turning machines, CNC milling machines, gap-bed lathes, universal lathes, band sawing machines, surface grinding machines, single-purpose machines, function assemblies for CNC machines, precision parts, which come into 12 categories and 160 specifications. All have a high reputation in domestic war industry and auto industry, and have been exported to USA, Japan, Germany, Canada, Australia and etc. over 40 countries and regions for over 7 million US dollars. Our factory (company) has primarily developed into a substance-operating business with BAOJI MACHINE TOOL WORKS as a center and BAOJI ZHONGCHENG MACHINE TOOL CO., LTD., BAOJI MACHINE TOOL WORKS EAST FACTORY, BAOJI MODULAR MACHINE TOOL WORKS, SHENZHEN BAOJIA CNC EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE CO., LTD., BAOJI DAHE PRECISION MACHINE TOOL CO., LTD., BAOJI ZHONGCHENG PRECISION PARTS MANUFACTURE CO., LTD., BAOJI ZHONGCHENG PRECISION SHEET METALS LTD. and BAOJI ZHONGCHENG CASTING LTD. as links. Our factory (company) won the second place in China and got the bid invited in 2001 by National Science and Technology Ministry for CNC turning machine large-scale manufacturing and for research task of reliability increase under "863 program". As a result we are getting financial support from the Ministry. This project will last 3 years from 2002 to 2005 and now is in smooth progress.Our factory (company) runs healthily and in order with steady economic growth and outstanding achievement though it is facing the fierce competition from domestic and foreign markets. After comparing its economic norms with other competitors in the line this factory is given the titles of one of the ten with highest sales and one of the best ten during brand establishing in 2001, and one of the best ten with highest output value of CNC machines and one of the best ten with highest export sales in 2002. It is given the title of a competitive star enterprise in China engineering industry in 2001 by China Industry Economic Union and China Engineering Industry Union, the titles of hi-tech enterprise, technical innovative example, technical and benefit type enterprise, state-owned firm with good leading body and so on by the provincial and city governments.The firm (company)all the time makes efforts innovate technology and develop attract foreign investment and make technical exchange.Both domestic and international friends are cordially welcomed to visit the firm and make cooperation.
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Company: Baoji zhongcheng machine tool co.,ltd
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